Higher education has become a highly competitive industry. UT is challenged to recruit and retain the best and brightest students, faculty, and staff. It must build and maintain widespread public and legislative support and create and keep a loyalty and close connection with alumni and donors.

The university must create a consistent, powerful identity that provides us with a competitive advantage. Our brand must speak to who we are and the qualities that set us apart. As we set forth on the largest comprehensive fundraising campaign in the university’s history, this effort is more important than ever and vital to our continued success.

A brand is not simply our name. Rather, it is what our name brings to mind and what people associate with it. 

Despite the complex nature of our statewide organization, our brand identity must be simple. Our goal is to create a plan that allows all parts of our organization to be linked, but distinct.

In this approach, we will share collectively in the power of the brand and our distinctive communications efforts will therefore build the power of the brand.

What we hope to accomplish

Through our efforts we will strive to:

Changing tomorrow, today