Our Big Orange Market Environment

The challenge for most other institutions is to increase awareness. UT's challenge is different. 

Our successful men's and women's athletics programs in Knoxville, and the national prominence these programs enjoy, have a high profile and strong identity.  The distinctive UT orange color the teams wear creates a vibrant visual element that accompanies that profile.

UT's challenge? To take this existing profile or identity, and build it into a brand that positions the University of Tennessee at the center of the future—in the state of Tennessee and beyond.

In other words, capitalize on UT's strong sports identity, and build an enhanced position as a rising star in higher education that is central to our state’s future. This creates a "big orange front door" to lead our constituents to a greater understanding of our university. We accomplish this through the use of graphics that use UT orange as a base. From that base, the content and accompanying elements will seek a broader public understanding about our other strengths.


Changing tomorrow, today