Our brand identity program is a family of brands, each entity distinct but linked.  As UT President John Petersen says, "One size does not fit all."

Each campus and institute has its own needs and opportunities. What we have in common is the future, and this campaign will solidify UT's central role in creating a bright future for all Tennesseans.

As research indicates, the identity of the University of Tennessee is linked in the minds of many citizens to the athletic and academic programs at the flagship campus in Knoxville.

In building the brand, we won't try to change that. We will enhance that image to support overall institutional goals—without diminishing the importance or the value of all campuses or institutes.

Instead of saying "UT isn't that, it is this," our branding campaign will center on the concept "Yes, UT is that—and more."

The University of Tennessee is

This approach allows us to take advantage of our high profile and leverage and use that attention to highlight even more. It provides maximum flexibility built on a common understanding and a common set of messages with the UT orange color and graphics. 

The future image campaign focuses on the outcomes of the institution’s programs and its people. The heart of the overall branding image is nothing new. It is the UT brand icon that has been used since 1986. More prominence will be given to that brand icon, so that it gains broader recognition and stronger appeal.

Through all of this, we will better communicate what we, individually and collectively, have done and will do for our constituents, our state, and our nation.

Changing tomorrow, today