The Toolkit is a resource for implementing the graphic and thematic elements of the UT brand. It is a work in progress, and will remain so as the campaign evolves. Near the bottom of this page, you may download graphical elements associated with the brand.

Currently, a committee with representatives from all UT campuses and institutes is meeting to create a new style guide. When it is completed it will be posted here, along with additional resources.

The Brand Icon UT brand icon

The heart of our brand image is nothing new. It's the UT brand icon that's been around since 1986. But you'll now see more prominence given to the mark. It will become more recognizable and better identified with the University of Tennessee. It's our system brand icon...the one thing that visually and graphically ties us all together.

The Key Messages

Our Central Theme: The word Future with the University of Tennessee brand icon replacing the letters UT

This is the graphic representation of the concept that UT is at the core of Tennessee’s future.

This graphical representation can be broadened and expanded to apply to virtually any initiative throughout our organization, such as

To ensure consistent usage, templates will be available for download when approved by the system-wide committee working on the style guide.

Secondary Usages

The brand icon can also be combined with other words to highlight areas of special strength. For example, to highlight the UT's unique partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory the brand icon could be combined with the word "neutrons" to appear as the word neutrons with the letters 'u' and 't' replaced with the UT brand icon.

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Sample Campaign Materials

Below are samples of print, outdoor, and television ads that will appear in the opening stages of the campaign. They are provided to allow you to see the range of potential uses of the campaign elements.

Print Ads

Television Spot

Outdoor Advertising

Below are mockups of various billboards that may be used.


Note: for hi-rez and eps files, you may need to right click on the link and "save as" to download the file.

Note: If you have questions about the appropriate uses of any of the materials provided here or need assistance using the files provided, please contact the Creative Communications Group, 865-974-0765.

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